Why It Pays To Settle Your Divorce Out Of Court

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Negotiating the terms of a divorce agreement isn’t easy even when you and your ex are parting on good terms. When there’s animosity between the two of you, the process turns into a complete nightmare. Surprisingly, the percentage of cases that settle before trial is very high. Typical divorce settlements


Post-Divorce Checklist: Tasks To Complete

post-divorce checklist

It is commonly believed that once a settlement is reached in a divorce case and the divorce decree is issued that the divorce case is finalized. Unfortunately, 99 percent of the time, that is a misconception. Usually, after a divorce settlement or trial, there is a host of housekeeping issues


Can A Court Void A Settlement Agreement?

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Question: Are there any circumstances where a court will set aside or void a settlement agreement? My wife and I agreed to an uncontested divorce, but now she is threatening to take me back to court for child support and alimony.


How Do I Terminate My Alimony Payments?

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Question: I have been paying alimony for years and it is set to end at the end of the month. How can I be certain that the automated alimony debt will cease to continue? Do I need to have my order changed, or will the system automatically do this for