Father’s Rights In The Movies

Most people don’t even realize that there is a battle going on in our country, and in fact, all over the world. But, our audience knows about this battle because they are fighting it.  It is probably one of the most heartbreaking fights that anyone will ever have to fight. And now it seems that this battle is beginning to be told on the silver screen.

Image ImageThese two movies have recently come to my attention. The first, Support System Down, appears to be a documentary that takes a very serious look at the broken child support system in this country. The trailers online at www.supportthemovie.com appear to take on the topic from several distinctive points of view. It appears as though Support System Down looks at a broken, some would say corrupt system from the diverse vantage point of men who have been broken by the fact that not only are they unable to spend time with their children, but also because the judicial system seems to almost enjoy seeing them squirm in the impossible financial, emotional and social situations that it is permitted (maybe even encouraged) to place them.

The second film is a fictional account based on the true stories that all too many men are living. A Father’s Rights follows a man as he enters into a love-affair with a beautiful woman resulting in the birth of his daughter. Based on the previews, we can see the all-too-familiar perils that will soon unfold as a man goes against the system that seems to determine him guilty of some crime, and as such, a perfect candidate for institutionally-condoned torture.

Sometimes it seems to me that this systemized method of torment utilizes the child as both the instrument of the torture (because nothing hurts as much as being deprived a relationship with one’s own child) and as a shield for the torturer to hide behind (because it is easy to hold the child up as a victim and accuse the subject of not caring for him or her.)

At any rate, it’s a story that is complex and needs to be told and it’s good to see that film-makers are finding it compelling enought to try to interpret.

Enjoy these films at: www.williamfain.com and www.supportthemovie.com


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