Fathers Rights: Should You Take Your Case To The Media?

fathers rightsBy Nathan A. Hacker

Mens Divorce Attorney, Cordell & Cordell

When fathers rights are trampled on, the word “frustration” dominates their vocabulary.

Divorced dads are bewildered over the lack of fathers rights within the family law system and are usually motivated to share their problems with whoever will listen.

But before penning that letter to your local newspaper or going off in a public forum about your case, you need to consider the ramifications first.

You should be very careful when releasing information to ensure that it is correct, and not otherwise protected (i.e. gag order). There can be a great deal of liability for releasing protected, slanderous or libelous information.

I would suggest contacting a mens divorce attorney before releasing any information as it could damage your case and set you up for financial liability. Your divorce lawyer, who is intimately familiar with your case, can help you decide.

One instance in which “going public” backfired was the recent case involving a divorced dad who was ordered by a judge to remove a website on which he writes about his ex-wife, divorce and child custody case. The judge deemed the site ThePsychoExWife.com to be cruel and potentially harmful to his children.

In general, the courts and what goes on inside them is already a matter of public record. The press is typically welcome in the courtroom. Cameras and other recording devices are often left to the discretion of the sitting judge.

When children are involved the judge may decide that no one is allowed in the courtroom besides the parties and court staff.

Again, consult with a divorce lawyer before you decide to release information about your case and the lack of fathers rights on your own.


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    Ex wife , did a Penal Code 474 two times. And a a 166 one time…. false allegations multiple times, and medical info….

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