Paying For Unapproved Extracurricular Activities

Utah divorce lawyerQuestion:

I’m looking for financial advice on divorce regarding paying for extracurricular activities.

I’m required to pay half of extracurricular activities by my divorce decree. However, my ex-wife signs our children up for activities without even discussing it with me.

Is there a way that I can put a cap on how many activities that will be allowed and/or a spending limit on those activities?


I am only licensed to practice law in Utah, thus I can only provide you with some general divorce help for men regarding the divorce laws you present in your question.

If your divorce decree states that you are to share equally all extracurricular activities, then you are obligated to do so, because your decree governs and is an order of the court.

However, without knowing more about the specifics in your decree, you should only have to share the costs of “reasonable” extracurricular activities though “reasonable” is open for interpretation.

You could move the court to modify your decree to specify what extracurricular activities you should pay. You may simply want to send your ex-spouse a letter informing her that you will only pay half of the extracurricular activities you agree on in writing. However, I don’t know how well that will hold up in court.

There are various options, some more costly than others.

Again, I am unable to provide you with financial advice on divorce and this should not be construed as an attorney-client relationship. Consult with a local mens divorce attorney for specific divorce advice about options in your jurisdiction.

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    Hello, what are the laws on what are considered to be extracurricular activities’ when it comes to your ex having to pay half? Example if I wanted to take my son to do actives at a theme park or zoo etc. is this considered extracurricular activities and would my ex have to help with half of my sons expenses as long as I have receipts or a way to show my son was there? Thank you

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