Happy Father’s Day From DadsDivorce

Father-Son-SkyIt is a sad reality that dads are still marginalized in a number of ways by society.

Although fathers are gradually gaining more rights in the family court system, they still face numerous gender stereotypes that are outdated and simply unfair.

Popular culture also still tends to treat dads as a sort of backup parent. Although “dadvertisements” are portraying a more progressive image of fatherhood, companies like Amazon and Old Navy have recently reinforced archaic notions regarding fatherhood.

Despite being pushed aside and underappreciated far too often, your love and commitment to your children is resolute. Although dads make sacrifices for their families every single day throughout the year, we want to take today to celebrate those contributions.

The bond a dad has with his kids is unique, precious, and critical to the children’s development. Unfortunately, divorce can limit the amount of time you’re able to spend with them, and that can be particularly difficult on a day like today. But a divorced dad is still a dad and that doesn’t lessen the importance of the role you play in your kids’ lives.

Thank you for your love. Thank you for always being there. Thank you for being Dad.

DadsDivorce and our sponsor Cordell & Cordell would like to wish you a very happy Father’s Day.

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