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To our readers,

We understand the holiday season is often not so merry for many of you. Some of you are still trying to cope with being single again while everyone else around you is so joyous. You might even be spending Christmas morning away from your kids for the first time. 

The emotions you’re feeling are natural and part of the healing process. At DadsDivorce, we understand how difficult this transition is this time of  year. That’s why we’ve devoted so much recent content to helping divorced dads make it through the holiday season.

At DadsDivorce.com, you’ll find a supportive online community going through the same experiences. This community offers resources, tips, knowledge and, more than anything, support as you go through this life stage.

Hopefully each of  you are able to spend some time with your loved ones over the next few days. For those of you, separated from the people most important to you, may you find the peace and inner strength needed to persevere.

Happy holidays from DadsDivorce and DadsDivorce sponsor Cordell & Cordell.

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2 comments on “Happy Holidays From DadsDivorce

    Can a woman I’m divorcing legally call my pain dr an tell him that I was misusing my pain medication even though I hadn’t seen or spoken to her in four months ??? That resulted in pain am suffering an defamation of character!!!! Also she has another man living in the home with her an were still legally married but filed for a divorce PLEASE CALL ME 918-348-9129 VON DOWNUM MUSKOGEE OK AN I HAVE MONEY TO BURN TO GET HER BUSTED

    Hi Vester, I’m sorry you are going through this. As a graduate of a medical degree, I have learned quite a bit about HIPAA and various medical coding and medical billing type scenarios, and unfortunately anybody can call a doctor’s office to request information or give information regarding a patient, especially if there is concern to the patients well-being. For example, if I still loved my ex-wife in one way or another, and I was concerned with her health, I can call her doctor and mention what I’ve noticed, and they have to take note of it for safety reasons.

    As for your second half of your concerns, have you seeked legal advice or are you representing yourself? How long has the divorce been going on, and how do you know someone is living with her? Could it be a friend, family member, long-term visitor she wants around for comfort? Is this divorce process more difficult than the average in your opinion? Are there kids involved? Long story short, I’d certainly like to help you in any way I can, as I’ve been there. These are certainly not easy, but with time and patience, we can move on with our lives. I do hope to hear back from you if possible. I am sure I can be of great assistance. I also have a few close friends who are also divorce attorneys to help with any of your questions. Just let me know.

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