How can I avoid divorce costs when wife lives in another state?

mens divorce lawyer Janet Yu JohnstonQuestion:

I am trying to get a divorce but I am told that it will be expensive because my wife lives in Utah while I live in Missouri with our three children.

How can I avoid attorney fees, retainers and court costs to get a cheap divorce?


I am not licensed to practice law in your state so I am unable to give you specific advice. However, I can advise you generally.

A question to consider is whether your wife would be receptive to the idea of willingly signing the necessary papers for your divorce? If so, then it is possible that your divorce may be uncontested and can be resolved in a relatively quick manner.

Since you live in Missouri with the children, you could file your divorce in that state and have your wife served in Utah.

Most attorneys will not work on a case without first receiving a fee retainer in some amount.  You could possibly contact a legal aid center in your state to see if you are within their required income threshold to be accepted as a client.

For a more in-depth answer, please consult a family law attorney in your jurisdiction.

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One comment on “How can I avoid divorce costs when wife lives in another state?

    I have been divorced-twice- and the costs do vary- WIDELY! The first one cost me a small fortune. I had to take on a second job just to pay for it! The second time, I looked around for a Louisville divorce lawyer that I could afford (which wasn’t much), and my friend suggested one that cost under $500. It’s never a good thing to be in the market for, but divorce is a lot easier when it doesn’t cost you everything you have!

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