How Divorce Court Hearings Are Conducted

divorce court hearingBy Sara Pitcher

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Many men are nervous as the enter a divorce courtroom, often the first courtroom of any kind they have been in.

This article will attempt to settle those nerves by outlining how divorce hearings are conducted from the pound of the gavel to the content of the hearing to how hearings conclude.


Beginning of the Hearing

At the start of the divorce hearing, the parties will likely be seated at their respective tables and the bailiff will walk in and say, “All rise.” At this point, everyone in the courtroom will stand.

Then, the judge will walk in and allow everyone to be seated. If the judge is already at the bench prior to the start of the hearing, you will skip this part and the hearing will commence.

Content of the Hearing

Depending on the type of hearing, there may be opening statements. However, especially in shorter divorce hearings, these are skipped.

The party who requested the hearing, or the Petitioner in a dissolution final hearing, will present their case. The opposing party will then be given an opportunity to respond. In order to support their case, either party may present evidence or call witnesses during the hearing


Conclusion of the Hearing

Once the parties have concluded their closing statements and presented their final arguments, the judge will either enter an order orally on the record and either one attorney will be asked to draft a proposed order incorporating the judge’s oral order or the judge will send out a written copy of the order described during the hearing. The judge may also decide to take the matter under advisement and issue a written order some time after the hearing.

At the conclusion of the hearing, depending on whether the judge has other hearings scheduled immediately after your hearing, the judge will either stand or the bailiff will again ask everyone in the courtroom to stand, and the judge will exit the room, or the judge will remain seated and call the next case.

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Following the Hearing

Now that the hearing is over, you may have mixed emotions, as there likely was a lot of stress and anticipation leading up to the hearing. Make sure you discuss the results thoroughly with your attorney so you understand the court’s order and the next step of your case.

Your attorney can explain your options as to how to proceed following the court’s order, any possible steps to appeal the court’s order, and the impact of the order on your original goals.


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