How do I know if our home is considered marital property?

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My sister-in-law is buying my wife a condo. We are in the process of getting a divorce, but we will be living together in the condo and paying some rent to my wife’s sister. My wife has asked me to sign an agreement stating that I understand I have no rights to this condo.

If I sign this agreement, does it put me at a legal disadvantage in terms of rights to the condo? Would my wife have the right to kick me out of the home at any time she wants?


Yes, signing an agreement stating you have no rights to the condominium could put you at a disadvantage. It sounds as though the condominium is being acquired by your wife’s sister as a gift to your wife, making the property non-marital. However, if marital funds are used to pay the mortgage, you would have an interest in the condominium.

Regarding your wife’s ability to remove you from the condo, in any divorce proceeding either spouse can request that the court grant them temporary and exclusive possession of the marital residence while the case is pending. If the property is determined to be non-marital, your wife would ultimately be awarded possession.

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