Options When Traveling For Visitation Is Unaffordable

Divorce attorney Jason BowmanQuestion:

I live about 6 hours away from my child, who is allowed to have visitation time with me for one weekend per month. I don’t have a car so buying plane or bus tickets once a month gets very costly.

Is there a cheaper alternative or a modification to the divorce decree to address this transportation problem?



It is always hard for parents who live a great distance away from their children to have to bear the cost of travel to see their child. On some occasions the Court can order the parties to meet in the middle, instead of one parent traveling the entire distance themselves, or the Court will order the parties to split the cost of air travel.

However, based on your question, I don’t know if that will help your situation. A popular option that may help on a day-to-day situation is the use of Skype in long distance parenting. If the child and the out-of-town parent have access to a computer and a webcam they can video conference daily and it allows the child to actually see the parent and vice versa.

This may help with the day-to-day contact that your ex-spouse and child want and allow him to save his money for longer visits.


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