Can I Keep My Divorce Records Sealed?

men's divorce lawyer Rachel BrucksQuestion:

During our divorce proceedings, my ex made some false allegations that were proven untrue and were thrown out but are still part of our records with the county.

Can I have the divorce records sealed? Are divorce records open to the public?



I do not practice in Arizona. Therefore, I cannot inform you as to the specific laws of Arizona, but I will try to answer your question generally as it applies in many states. You should consult an attorney in Arizona.

In most states, divorce cases are a part of the public record and can only be sealed (made unavailable to the public) if there are very special circumstances. Such circumstances usually include information in the court record that could harm the safety or welfare of a child. For example, courts will sometimes seal the records of cases that involve physical or sexual abuse of a child.

In most other circumstances, courts generally do not seal divorce records.


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