Is it necessary to advise my ex wife of my increase in wages?

Attorney Jason HopperQuestion:

I am about to get a new job making about 20% more gross income. Although there is nothing in my agreement or divorce settlement about disclosing this, is a change in income something I must share with my ex wife, who will probably ask for more child support and alimony if she finds out?



I do not practice law in the State of Georgia, however Cordell & Cordell does have attorneys located in your state.

As I only practice in the State of Indiana, I am basing my response on my understanding of Indiana law.  You have asked if it is necessary to advise your former spouse of your increase in wages. Unless your decree specifically requires you to do so, or unless you are subject to IV-D jurisdiction in your matter, in Indiana, there is no requirement that you notify or involve your former spouse in your finances.

Because the dissolution courts in Indiana maintain continuing jurisdiction over dissolution matters, even when resolved, issues such as child support modification can and often do pop up when a former spouse becomes aware that their former spouse has upgraded their lifestyle due to an influx of additional monies.


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