Joe Cordell’s Huffington Post Column: Divorce Civil Rights

huffington post civil rights“Quite frankly, men’s rights has become a civil rights issue. When you think of the progress we’ve made in civil rights, men’s rights as it pertains to the family have been neglected.”

That quote comes from founder Joseph Cordell‘s latest Huffington Post column, “Divorce Civil Rights.”

Cordell argues that profiling different groups based on skin color, age, disabilities, etc., is not permissible in any realm of society. Yet it happens every day to men and fathers when they walk into a family courtroom.

“It’s time a light is shone on the injustice and there be the same sort of concern of fair play that is given other individuals,” Cordell writes.

Read the full divorce article and like, tweet, email, share, do whatever you can to help spread the word of this injustice facing dads every day: “Divorce Civil Rights.”

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One comment on “Joe Cordell’s Huffington Post Column: Divorce Civil Rights

    I have read the article and whole-heartedly agree. I fell behind in child support one month due to unemployment when the company I was working for closed. I was held in contempt of court due to lack of payment. I have since made up for the payment, and have not missed a single payment in two years. My ex-wife withheld my children from the court ordered visitation for 7 months…and nothing happened. It was proven that she lied to CPS investigators…and nothing happened. She continually calls my workplace, harrassing me and my co-workers…and nothing happens. She perpetually runs me down to my children…and nothing happens. Her new husband continues to run me down…and nothing happens. I have been threatened physically by her new husband and caught such on tape…and nothing happened. I think it’s time something happens, don’t you?

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