Joseph Cordell address family law biases

Acknowledging the fact that some family law judges are starting to give fathers a fair chance in their courtrooms, Joseph Cordell points out that those judges are still in the significant minority.

“Unfortunately, the majority of fathers find themselves in a situation where the entire family law system has a mindset that is contrary to the dad’s best interests,” Cordell said while appearing on the radio show Dresser After Dark with Michael Ray Dresser. (Listen to the full interview.)

That system doesn’t just include unfair judges; it also includes social workers, psychologists, opposing counsel, and even state legislatures, according to Cordell.

Cordell and Dresser discussed “The 10 Stupidest Mistakes Men Make When Facing Divorce”, why pre-nuptial agreements need to be utilized more and how bringing emotions into divorce proceedings can ruin your case.

“If you put your emotions into the divorce, it’s going to cost you more money then it should,” Cordell said. “The challenge is removing from the process all your emotion. But if a divorce can be approached from a business standpoint and thought of in pragmatic terms, then the conflict would be far less and presumably guys would end up with better outcomes.”

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