Joseph Cordell: Think Before Saying “I Do!” | Dads Divorce

Joseph Cordell’s latest column on explains why the moment you say “I do” you are essentially giving your spouse half of your wealth.

Not just your current wealth and what you bring into the marriage, but nearly every asset acquired during the course of the marriage — and sometimes after.

Cordell, the principal partner of Cordell & Cordell and founder of, thinks every guy should realize the enormity and importance of saying, “I do.” It’s a contract that Cordell thinks guys do not appreciate the extent and comprehensiveness of.

“People take a practical, reasonable, business-like approach to buying a car, buying a house, and every other major financial decision,” Cordell writes. “They research options, read over the fine print, and make an educated choice. So why is the practical approach disregarded when it comes to marriage?”

So what should men do to protect their assets? Read the Huffington Post article: Careful Marriage Contract May Facilitate Less Painful Divorces.”

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