Joseph Cordell’s latest column: The cost of apologizing

Attorney Joe CordellIn his latest column for, founder Joseph Cordell explains how playing the blame game can come back to hurt you in divorce proceedings.

Click here to read the article where Cordell describes the typical client who is stunned and confused that his wife wants a divorce and ends up making concessions or changing his behavior.

“The client has exaggerated his own faults in the breakdown of the marriage and slips into the mentality of: ‘If I agree to everything she wants, there’s a better chance we could get back together,'” writes Cordell, who is the principal partner of Cordell & Cordell, the nation’s largest firm focusing on men’s divorce. “Not only is it a bad strategy to save a marriage … but also those seemingly innocent apologies could be used as admissions that could hurt your case.”

Cordell writes bi-weekly divorce advice columns for, the world’s leading men’s lifestyle website with 7 million readers each month.

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