Maintaining Communication With Children Of Divorce

communicating with children of divorceQuestion:

My two children both live with their mother and are really struggling with separation anxiety post-divorce. I have read about the challenges children of divorce face and want to make sure my ex and I work together to effectively co-parent to help them through this transition.

I purchased a cellphone for them to use to communicate with me, but my ex has expressed that more than two calls per week is too much. Recently, she took the phone away from my oldest child and told me he is not allowed to have it at her house so I should quit trying to call.

Can she do this?


Please be advised that I am barred in Pennsylvania and will answer your question based on my experience practicing in Pennsylvania.

In this state, a custody order will generally control how much telephone access a parent has with his or her children. If the order does not designate when the calls may be made or how many calls may be made in a given week, then such access should be limited to reasonable access, meaning calls are made during appropriate times of the day and not excessive.

If a parent is trying to limit the other parent’s access to the children, this may warrant filing a petition with the court to request that the issue of telephone access be addressed as part of the custody order.

If you have concerns about your ex-wife denying you custody or visitation, or if you need help filing a petition for a child custody modification, get in touch with a men’s divorce attorney as soon as possible so they can help you with the process.

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One comment on “Maintaining Communication With Children Of Divorce

    This is sadly ridiculous. If the child wants to talk to their Father, why cant they?
    I find that Denying them the ability to speak with whomever parent, is NOT IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILD. Its the childs parent The child WANTS to talk to. My Fiancee is going through the same thing. I thought parents were supposed to Encourage a Relationship with the Other Parent. In the long run its better for the child. The child wont grow up hating the Denier. They wont have emotional issues. Like come on. GROW UP. You parents separate because you have issues. DONT INVOLVE the child or children in it. Because these kids grow up and will have a mind of their own and will end up telling you how they really feel. And it will be all your own fault.

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