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Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff to grilling season, though if you’re like me you’ve had the grill cover off for at least a month.

One company is trying to capitalize on man’s great love of grilling and beer, the aptly named Man Cave Worldwide, which directly sells meat and bar and grilling accessories to men through MEATings.

A home MEATing is like those Pampered Chef and Tupperware parties you hear about but for guys. And instead of Tupperware, there’s meat. And beer.

MEATing guests sample Man Cave’s meat products and see the grilling products in action from a Man Cave advisor.

men grillingThe company sells hundreds of additional products from pint glasses to bacon-scented candles, but what caught my attention were the more than 30 different varieties of brats ($9 for 5 links).

Some friends and I were able to sample several types ranging from the delicious Buffalo Blue Cheese Brat to the “not quite sure what to make of this” taste of a Tomato Basil Parmesean Brat.

There are also stuffed burgers (priced for about $6 each) where the patties are filled with different ingredients to create a meal within a meal. The BBQ Pulled Pork and Cheddar burger had a lot of fans, but the Jalapeno Pepperjack was my favorite – a burger stuffed with pepperjack cheese and sliced jalapenos.

If a Man Cave MEATing isn’t your thing and you’re not interested in selling it, you’re probably at least interested in eating it. So all products, including heavily discounted Father’s Day packages, are available on the Man Cave website.

Nick Beste is the co-founder and CEO of Eden Prairie, Minn.-based Man Cave Worldwide and was named a Young Entrepreneur by the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal in 2010.

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One comment on “Man Cave Products For The Grill Guru

    Great Article
    As a happily twice divorced man, I don’t have much money to spend, but I still enjoy firing up the grill. That said, I would love to host a party, or purchase some meat from the website. I think this party would be a wonderful opportunity for me to meet some like-minded men. Often I just eat simple bologna sandwiches, alone, and drink Old Crow on the rocks, again, alone. Looking at that guy manning the grill in the article it looks like I would enjoy the meat in my mouth.
    Does Man Cave accept EBT? My wife has everything, my money, my kids, my will to stop drinking. Thanks!

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