Relaunches Divorce 101 Segment

Divorce recently launched a redesigned version of the Divorce 101 segment, which offers enhanced usability and new features to help guys who are going through divorce at any point in the process.

Previously, the section only contained a listing of the most popular articles for the various stages of divorce; however, it is now a much more structured and useful resource to provide men with general information on important topics no matter where they are in their divorce.

Divorce 101 now includes separate pages for Before Divorce, During Divorce, After Divorce, Children & Custody and Additional Information, with increased navigability. New features include customized video guides, expanded essential topics with improved article archives and a quick quiz to test your knowledge on the related topics.

Each section includes six informational videos by Cordell & Cordell Partners and attorneys crafted specifically to cover one of the important topics for that section. These videos provide general information from experienced family law attorneys, and the tips they provide can help you better understand what lies ahead or how to prepare for various situations.

Another new feature implemented is the “Are You Ready?” quiz for each primary segment. While the questions are not designed to be extremely difficult, they help to reinforce the issues and challenges that commonly arise during divorce and provide links to help you better understand the various topics if you would like more information.

The pages also include easy access to the primary subject matter with links to relevant article archives.

The new additions and redesign of Divorce 101 will help guys quickly find relevant information on the various stages of divorce and provides a much more useful resource on subjects ranging from meeting with an attorney and predicting divorce costs, to modifying alimony and the emotional challenges guys face.

Check out the newly redesigned Divorce 101 at:

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