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merry christmasTo our readers,

You hear this phrase a lot this time of year, “Merry Christmas” or “Happy Holidays.” But holidays are not always happy, particularly for guys grappling with a divorce they didn’t choose.

Suddenly, you husbands and dads reading this are thrust onto battlefields where the fate of everything you care about will be decided. In the meantime, many of you must await the outcome in someone else’s home this holiday season.

It’s times like these when these men need more than the help of a good lawyer; they need the hope and encouragement of a good friend. has one of the most supportive online communities for divorced dads you will find. Our goal is to provide you with information, resources, and real-life knowledge from our active divorce forum members. Hopefully you will find the support you need.

I hope each of you are able spend as much time as possible with those loved ones who supported you this year: friends (both online and offline), family, and children.

Merry Christmas from

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