Modifying divorce orders issued in another country

Mens divorce lawyerQuestion:

My ex-wife and I divorced in the Netherlands while I was based there in the military. I pay her child support while she and my children live in Holland and I am back in the U.S.

I am unable to keep up with my child support payments. Can I modify the orders if they were issued in the Netherlands? How would I go about doing this if I live in America?


When a divorce is granted under the law of another country, then the parties must utilize the other country’s legal process to modify that divorce. The Netherlands and the United States both recognize the Hague Convention, which covers some parental disputes over custody and contact.

Although I do not practice in the Netherlands, it is my understanding that the country does allow for modification of child support and custody orders. I understand that due to the cost and time involved, it is challenging to deal with international legal matters on your own.

I urge you to contact an attorney that handles international child custody disputes immediately to ensure that your interests remain protected.

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