Must I Pay Child Support In Addition To College Expenses?

divorce lawyer Jordan RapoffQuestion:

I pay child support through a wage garnishment, but I also am required to pay half of my child’s college expenses.

Will the wage garnishment be applied to the college costs once my child goes to school or will I have to pay both child support and these expenses even though she will be living on campus and not with my ex-wife?


I am unable to give you legal advice on divorce. I can give general divorce help for men, though, my knowledge is based on Missouri child support laws where I am licensed to practice.

It would depend on the language of your divorce decree.

If there were language included concerning the abatement of child support if your child chose to attend college and did not live at home with mom then you would not have to pay child support while he/he was away at college.

If no such language were included, then you should file a Motion to Modify Child Support.

It’s not likely that the judge will terminate child support completely but the court may choose to abate child support while your child is living on campus, and thus you would only pay in the summer months when/if your child moves back home with the custodial parent.

The judge may also take into consideration the amount you are paying toward your child’s education and lower your monthly child support amount or require that you pay your monthly child support directly to your child rather than your ex-wife.

Child Support Laws:

Age of Emancipation In Your State

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2 comments on “Must I Pay Child Support In Addition To College Expenses?

    The whole thing is a scam to pump more money into the system so the states get more funding from the federal government. They can and will employ every resource to prolong this and take as much money as the laws let them. Keep in mind that the law doesn’t usually apply to “child support”, kinda like the price of gas, you know? Going to court is a waste of time the kid spends 3 months on campus, goes on break, back home in summer, the god damn courts take 3 months just to hear your money laundering case anyhow.

    You’re basically making the woman lawyer who answered your question rich. All these lawyers and judges and mediation people are in this business for the money. There really is no real reason to be involved with this scam other than money. The system generates billions so it will be tough to change it regardless of the fact that its destroying lives, tearing apart families, and is unconstitutional in many respects too. And don’t forget the entitlement it generates for the real parent (I mean custodial). Just rendering one parent a slave good for nothing ATM machine visitor and the other parent superior of in itself is a failed ideology. However it’s how they keep the money rollin. Keep the money exchanging, and the title IV funds come right along with it.

    God bless this fine country.

    Good luck pal.

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