Newt Gingrich Criticizes Discrimination Against Fathers’ Rights

mens rightsBy Matt Allen


Count Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich among those advocating for rights for fathers and mens rights.

Gingrich criticized the combative family law system for its “extreme anti-male bias” against mens rights and its lack of divorce rights for men during a recent stop on his campaign trail in New Hampshire, according to the Fathers and Families website.

At the Seacoast Republican Women’s Breakfast meeting in Portsmouth, N.H., Fathers and Families activist Deanna Marchand asked Gingrich:

Family courts generally allow fit loving fathers only a few days a month visitation with their children. This is not only harmful to children since it’s so important level of involvement by both parents in their lives, but it’s also a terrible civil rights violation when the government dictates how much time a father or mother can spend with his or her children. What are your thoughts on family court reform?

Gingrich (pictured with a Fathers and Families activist) answered by criticizing the family law system and said he was in favor of fathers rights.

“We live in an age that is very different than 50 years ago and I think that it is very often very important…that we have a much greater sensitivity that both sides, both parents, both have rights and have responsibilities,” he said.

Fathers & Families is a national organization committed to family court reform and advocacy of fathers rights at the political level. For more information on Gingrich’s visit and what the federal government could do to promote shared parenting time, please visit the Fathers and Families website.

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