Parental Alienation Syndrome: Alternatives To Family Court

Reports from the Canadian Symposium For Parental Alienation Syndrome
Vol. 4  Dr. Jayne Major “Alternatives To Family Court?”
Dr. Major discusses a concept for ensuring that an institution not suited for addressing the needs of protecting the needs of children, The Family Law Court System, not be the only solution to sorting out families throughout and after a divorce.
In her groundbreaking proposal, delivered at the Canadian Symposium for Parental Alienation Syndrome, she outlines a program that emphasizes the healing of families and children rather than present model that treats family members as assets to be divided in ways that are ultimately destructive.


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Jayne A. Major, Ph.D. became interested in a parent education in the early ’70’s when she and her husband adopted two troubled foster boys.  According to their social worker, when Robert moved in with Jayne and Joe at age nine it was the 19th move in his life; they were astonished to find that they were the 27th move for his brother TJ at the end of his sixth year. It soon became clear that this well-meaning couple had invited child abuse and neglect into their home. Jayne found that instead of finding parenting easy it was the most difficult job that she ever tried to do.  At first it was easy to blame the children solely for the chronic problems that arose, but soon she realized the difficulties inherent in the role of being a parent.
She concluded that there is a tremendous need to train parents in the most important job that they will ever have…growing the next generation to responsible, well-adjusted adulthood. She wrote a curriculum called Breakthrough Parenting:  Moving Your Family from Struggle to Cooperation.  She founded a non-profit agency, Breakthrough Parenting Services, Inc. and is the author of six books on optimal family relationships.  She is currently working on an on-line curriculum called Breakthrough Parenting in Action:  What Would YOU Do?  With the modern new insights and methods now available it isn’t difficult for parents to raise healthy well-adjusted children.

She also teaches a specialized Breakthrough Parenting class for parents involved in divorce and child custody issues who are litigating in family law court.  In the first week of June 2008, she will have taught this class 50 weeks a year for 25 years!

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    I like this solution…
    I love it when someone scraps a system that doesn’t work rather than continually applying band-aids.

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