Katrina C. Daniels Lee On Parental Alienation Syndrome

Reports from the Canadian Symposium For Parental Alienation Syndrome
Vol. 7  Katrina C. Daniels Lee “What Resources Are Available For Target Parents?”
The Lee P.A.S. Foundation acts as a networking center to allow all types of victims of “Parental Alienation” to reach out for one on one support with the Foundation and other various links included on their site.

Ms. Lee tells us how parents targeted in a relationship involving Parental Alienation can cope with a loss as profound as a death and how networking with other PAS parents and survivors can provide many of the tools to help you cope and survive.

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For more information, go to:

The Lee PAS Foundation

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One comment on “Katrina C. Daniels Lee On Parental Alienation Syndrome

    Author of “Unlawful Flight; a parental kidnapping.”
    Each time parental alienation and its accompanying syndrome are mentioned it brings more and more awareness and credibility to this horrible problem, and no one is more credible than Katrina Daniels Lee. Not only is she a founder of The Lee Pas foundation, she is also a severly alienated parent who feels the pain not from being enlightened by others, but from within. Keep up the good work.

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