Does Parenting Time Count If All Children Are Not Present

Katherine Lewis Tulsa Divorce LawyerQuestion:

Is it permissible to split parenting time with two children and have it count as one? (E.g. Can I use the same three days once per child?)

Our divorce decree states we must submit our choices by 5/31. However, my ex says if we can’t agree, her vacation time isn’t counted and I get no vacation time until we agree.


First, I must tell you that I am not licensed to practice in the state of New York and, therefore, am only able to provide you with general information.

Whether parenting time counts when you only have one child with you as opposed to two depends upon the language of the Decree.  The same is true as to whether an agreement is required prior to you exercising parenting time.  If your ex is not allowing you parenting time, a remedy other than a contempt citation is a Motion to Enforce Visitation.

To best analyze your options, it is always best to seek legal advice from a divorce attorney in your area who specializes in domestic litigation and can review all relevant court documents, facts, and laws.


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