Establishing A Parenting Plan With Out-Of-State Children


My ex-wife and kids have moved to another state and we do not have a parenting plan in place to allow for my parenting time.

Without a court-ordered plan in place granting me visitation rights, my ex-wife is refusing to let me visit the kids and sometimes won’t even let me talk to them.

How can I get a visitation plan in place if my children live in another state?


I am not licensed to practice law in your state so I cannot offer advice on divorce. However, I can give you general divorce help for men that may be useful to you.

Since your children live in another state, I recommend that you retain an attorney there to file a Motion for you to have parenting time with your children. You definitely have the right to see, talk to, and have your relationship with them acknowledged.

I would go ahead and talk to an attorney there immediately and have them proceed with filing a Motion for parenting time with your children and have a parenting plan implemented.

A typical law will state that unless otherwise ordered by the judge, or agreed upon by the parties, a parenting plan shall include, but not be limited to how parenting time, holidays, birthdays, vacations, school breaks, and other special occasions will be spent with each parent, including the time of day that each event will begin and end.

Again, as I am unfamiliar as to the specific laws for your state, I recommend speaking to a lawyer licensed in your state for legal advice on divorce as soon as possible, as it may take some time to navigate the court system.

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    my sons father is not on the birth certificate and lives 2 states away, well before any paternity is established i ended up going to jail for a month thisw is the first time my child has been away from me and withinh that month my sons father filed for petition for paternity and refuses to let me see my child or update me on him i cannot afford a lawyer what can i do

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