Single Dads: Make Space for Kids in Your Bachelor Pad

single dad homeParenting is challenging under any circumstances, but the pressure can be magnified for single dads.

As a single parent, it’s your job to provide a living space that is safe and comfortable for your children. If you’re not used to living alone, transitioning into a single fatherhood role may be rocky.

Improving your living space to accommodate children will make things progress more smoothly.

Think Floor to Ceiling, Not Wall to Wall

It’s a fact: kids accumulate a lot of stuff. If you’re looking around your apartment and feeling bewildered as to where everything will fit, don’t panic.

Maximize space by changing your thinking to include floor-to-ceiling storage solutions. Installing tall shelving units gives you the opportunity to get things off the ground.

Just a couple of tall storage options can significantly reduce the amount of clutter in your home.

Get Creative With Bedroom Space

Bedroom space is a frequent problem for single dads reorganizing their homes, especially for those who live in apartments.

Remember that your kids don’t necessarily need their own rooms— in fact, many siblings enjoy sharing bedroom space. Bunk beds are a classic solution to the bedroom space issue. Apartment Therapy recommends lofting beds to maximize space and increase bedroom storage.

If your kids share a bedroom, make sure they each have a small personal space, such as a storage chest, to keep their belongings. This can alleviate difficulties associated with sibling room sharing.

Choose Your Neighborhood Wisely

In some cases, financial or practical reasons may prevent you from moving. But if you have the resources to look for a new home for yourself and your kids, think strategically before putting money down.

Whether you’re seeking apartments for rent in Atlanta, Chicago or San Francisco, consider the quality of public schools in the neighborhood and availability of grocery stores, entertainment options and parking.

For example, choosing an apartment with a nearby child-friendly park increases the amount of time your kids will spend outside, making your new home feel less crowded.

Decorate and Make Your Place Home

Before you had kids, your decorations may have been fairly minimal. A couple of movie posters and a plant likely seemed sufficient.

As a single dad, however, you may be feeling pressure to make your place more homey. Even if interior design is not your strong point, transforming your house into a home will make your kids feel more comfortable.

Instead of envisioning your space as a temporary set up, think of it as a permanent home. This motivates you to invest time and money into making it a comfortable place.

Redecorating doesn’t mean you need to totally overhaul your place. Add a couple of pieces of art, hang your child’s latest accomplishment on the refrigerator and ask for your child’s advice when repainting her bedroom.

All of these steps will make your kids feel like their new place is a stable, permanent home.

Although being a single dad is often overwhelming, try to keep things in perspective to preserve your own physical and mental health. Ask friends and family members for child care assistance and schedule time to do the things you love, suggests the Mayo Clinic.

Keeping yourself sane will allow you to provide the love and care your kids need most.

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