Can Permanent Alimony Be Modified?

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Question: I am 62 years old and am paying permanent alimony. I am paying nearly $1,500 per month and don’t think I will ever be able to retire. Is there anything I can do to modify or terminate my alimony payments?


Modifying Child Support When Arrears Are Owed

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Question: I am trying to modify my current parenting time. Right now, because I only have 80 overnights, I owe my ex-wife child support. If I modify the plan to at least 110 overnights, she would have to start paying me child support. However, I owe more than $10,000 in


Top 10 Dads Divorce Articles Of 2014

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Modifying Maintenance If Large Inheritance Is Received

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Question: I pay maintenance/alimony to me ex-wife, who recently received a large inheritance after her father died. As a result, her standard of living is now significantly higher than mine, and I’m still paying her child support and maintenance. Do I have any chance of success in modifying or eliminating


Modifying Alimony By Starting A New Business

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Question: I am planning on forming a C corporation to run my small consulting business and take a nominal salary that would hopefully reduce or eliminate my alimony payments. Would a lesser income taken from this new corporation be grounds for an alimony modification?