Am I Entitled To A Public Defender?

public defender

Question: I was recently served with a contempt motion. I do not have an attorney and my hearing is approaching. I was advised to get a continuance and request a public defender. What is my best option going into this without an attorney?


Will I Go To Jail For Contempt?

arrested man in handcuffs

Question: I have two contempt charges and have been ordered to pay back the arrears I owe, which have been deducted weekly from my paycheck. Last week I was laid off and I can’t afford an attorney. My court date is next week and I am worried I will have


Sorting Out Summer Parenting Time Issues

sole custody

Question: I am the custodial parent of my son, but his mother has visitation rights. He left last week to spend the summer with her and I am already receiving calls regarding him staying there during the school year. What should I do to prevent this from happening?