Can My Ex Keep Our Son From Playing Sports?


Question: My ex-wife and I share custody of our son and he plays competitive sports on the weekends. This year, she has started to keep him from playing on weekends he stays with her. Our custody order states neither parent shall intrude on his sports. I am documenting the dates


Am I Entitled To A Public Defender?

public defender

Question: I was recently served with a contempt motion. I do not have an attorney and my hearing is approaching. I was advised to get a continuance and request a public defender. What is my best option going into this without an attorney?


Will I Go To Jail For Contempt?

arrested man in handcuffs

Question: I have two contempt charges and have been ordered to pay back the arrears I owe, which have been deducted weekly from my paycheck. Last week I was laid off and I can’t afford an attorney. My court date is next week and I am worried I will have