Reporting Ex-Wife To CPS Over Suspected Abuse

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Question: I reported my ex-wife to Child Protective Services because of suspected child abuse and possible sexual abuse. This was over a week ago and I have yet to hear back from CPS. What can I do to ensure this is being investigated as I’m worried for my children’s safety?


How Can I Prove My Ex Is Bi-Polar To Modify Custody?

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Question: My ex-wife has undiagnosed narcissistic personality disorder with signs of being bi-polar and it is damaging our children when she has custody. On her visitation weekends, it’s just a series of badmouthing the kids and making fun of them, and I would like to modify child custody. How much


Options For Suspected Sexual Abuse

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By Daniel Exner Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer If you fear your children are at serious risk for sexual abuse there are generally a number of different options that may be available to help. Below are 4 options you can pursue if you fear your children are being sexually abused, but please


Overcoming A Negative Child Custody Evaluation

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By Sara Pitcher Noblesville, Indiana Divorce Lawyer My previous article “Guardian Ad Litem, Divorce and Child Custody” discussed a Guardian Ad Litem’s role in divorce and child custody cases, which is primarily to advocate for the child’s best interests and file a report with the court. While the Guardian Ad


Guardian Ad Litem, Divorce and Child Custody

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By Sara Pitcher Noblesville, Indiana Divorce Lawyer A Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) is appointed in many divorce and child custody cases. A GAL will not enter a case until ordered by a judge. However, either party in a family law case may request that the judge appoint a GAL in


Ways To Prevent Your Ex From Alienating Your Children

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By Daniel Exner Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer Dads seeking divorce advice frequently ask divorce lawyers about how to keep their ex-wives or soon-to-be-exes from saying negative things to the children about their father. Many divorced parents will talk about the divorce case with their children, use the kids as messengers, or,