Options For Suspected Sexual Abuse

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By Daniel Exner Milwaukee Divorce Lawyer If you fear your children are at serious risk for sexual abuse there are generally a number of different options that may be available to help. Below are 4 options you can pursue if you fear your children are being sexually abused, but please


Stopping Your Ex-Wife From Filing Frivolous Motions

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Question: My ex-wife keeps trying to get sole child custody by harassing me and filing frivolous motions with the court. Every few months she writes me a threatening letter and then files something with the court that is usually dismissed but still costs me attorney fees and time away from


How to keep an ex-spouse from harassing you

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Question: My ex-wife and I do not get along at all. She is constantly harassing me, threatening me, texting me insulting messages, etc. I do not want to be bothered by her again and want all communication done through my attorney. How can I keep her from communicating with me?


What Charlie Sheen Should Do To Get His Kids Back

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By Matt Allen Editor, DadsDivorce.com and MensRights.com His erratic and outlandish behavior has garnered Charlie Sheen a massive amount of attention the past week, but it also at least temporarily cost him custody of his children. Police removed Sheen’s twin boys from his home per a court order issued after


When Divorce Goes Awry

By Julie Garrison Special to DadsDivorce.com Even the friendliest divorces can go awry. You can start out as friends and end up archenemies. Divorce can be especially grievous when there are children in the mix. Visitation, custody, child support, and other family law issues intermingle with a couple’s anger and


What You Need to Know About Orders of Protection

By Joseph E. Cordell, J.D., C.P.A, LL.M Principal Partner, Cordell & Cordell Orders of protection are unfortunately common in family law cases and are often used for strategic reasons. The terminology of the protective orders vary by state (they can be called protection from abuse orders, personal protection orders, domestic


Defending Yourself From False Allegations

By Molly Murphy False allegations of physical and sexual abuse have become more and more common in the family court in the last few years. Whether a false allegation is made maliciously or made out of a feeling of concern, the result can be the same for the accused. The