Thinking About Divorce

I am sure that at some time or another, almost all married people find themselves thinking about divorce. During these times they are usually at a very low point in their relationship where they feel frustrated, angry and/or at a loss about what to do. In most cases, these thoughts of divorce are transient and typically disappear once the issues causing the stress and conflict reside.

But it is when thinking about divorce becomes a recurrent or ongoing preoccupation, then the viability of a relationship needs some serious consideration. The test of a failing relationship is when the balance between what is good about it and what is bad about it – consistently tilts toward the latter. It is when being in the relationship becomes a burden with little or no apparent benefits. When a relationship reaches this point, it becomes very clear that there is little reason to keep it going.

Deciding To End a Marriage

At times like this, people are challenged to consider options – whether to stay married or to divorce. The decision to stay in a marriage is a personal one. No one can make that decision, but you. What may be intolerable for one person may be reasonably okay for the next. In the end, each person will have his or her own reasons for staying or leaving a marriage based on their own needs and circumstances.

There is a lot at stake in making the decision to stay married or divorce. Rarely, do people wake up one morning and impulsively decide they have had enough. Generally speaking, the decision to end a marriage is a very difficult and painful one to make. Even though divorce rates are at an all time high, society in general, still values being married. As such, the decision to divorce does not come easily. Aside from consideration such as children, money and assets, letting go of hopes and dreams can be extremely difficult.

In assessing your future and whether or not to stay married, it is best to take your time and avail yourself of marriage and divorce resources to help you in this important process.

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