Using Social Media For Dating Purposes

By Contel Bradford

Note: Read the other article on the cons of using social media for dating.

Whether you’re into it or not, social media is something you just can’t escape these days.

The social web is evolving, and while its useful applications continue to multiply, many people are content with using it for its original purpose – socializing.

During our tenor in the social realm, some of us have encountered total strangers who we believed would be cool to meet in real life.

Maybe it’s the girl who often makes a nice one-on-one conversation out of your posts, or the independent guitarist who accepted your friend request and never has any dialogue for you.

Hooking up with old friends from school for drinks and strolls down memory lane may sound a little crazy right after making the commitment, but it’s far more practical than using social media to find a date. Or is it?

According to a recent survey conducted by market research firm Zogby International, roughly 75% of Facebook members who are currently not in a relationship use the site to learn more about dating opportunities.

The numbers also show that 94% of those users in the 18-29 age demographic view the profiles of people they may be interested in dating.

Social media is transcending the modern dating scene, but there are pros and cons to using this channel as your hookup tool. Today we’ll examine the pros and next week we’ll look at the cons of using social media for dating.

It’s Free

Finding love can get expensive, especially if you’re searching online. Very few dating sites will let you find the next love of your life for free. Most of them snag you with the “find your match for free” gimmick, then try to talking you into paying for a premium account, which is usually necessary in order to take the next step and actually start making connections.

Unless you require a business account on Twitter or need to reach a target market through Facebook ads, social media is a completely free venture. The channel becomes more personal by the day and as a result, more tools have been introduced to make communicating and finding your potential match more convenient.

Somebody Like You

The beauty of social media lies in the networking aspect. These networks are specifically designed to bring people with like interests together under one unified roof.

No matter what you’re into, there is bound to be someone who shares your interests and would be an ideal fit for your personal network. The community aspect makes social media perfectly suited for romancing the stone.

A countless number of conversations are taking place all the time, and with both sexes deeply embedded into the experience, a bit of flirting here and there is only natural.

Plenty of Fish in the Sea

Facebook says that it’s sitting on more than 500 million active users right now. You could combine the top three online dating sites and probably still wouldn’t come close to that number.

The mere size of this channel alone makes social media a viable option. The social web gives you access to a huge audience of potential candidates. Whether it’s Facebook, MySpace, or Twitter, you certainly have your fair share of options.

Be active, use the available tools to highlight what makes you special, and you could see better than average results.

Note: Read the other article on the cons of using social media for dating.


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