Video: Considering The Ramifications Of Divorce

Certainly there are couples for whom divorce is unavoidable. However, far too many individuals suffer from a grass-is-greener mentality and rush into the decision to divorce without fully considering all of the ramifications.

Brad Wilcox, senior fellow at the Institute of Family Studies, notes that research shows many couples in lower-conflict relationships might be better off trying to sort through their problems rather than terminating their marriage.

Wilcox joins DadsDivorce to discuss the research he’s conducted concerning marriage and divorce and the long-term effects of divorce.

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One comment on “Video: Considering The Ramifications Of Divorce

    You may be severely damaging all parties. I stayed for 16 years because of our kids after my ex wife told me we were getting a divorce.
    1. My kids can’t appreciate what I did for them without damaging their relationship with their mother which I won’t do.
    2. The Justice system SEVERELY punished me financially for staying.
    3. The longer we stayed, the worse our relationship ( ex and I) got. Maybe if we did it then, we might could have been amicable but no chance after staying.
    4. Since she knew I stayed for our kids, she used that against me to go do anything she wanted, refused to get a job, and so much more.

    Once it is over, END IT because it only gets worse, for everyone.

    We need divorce law reform AND educate people do that they can make an educated decision

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