Video: Cordell & Cordell News – August 8, 2017

Dads Divorce sponsor Cordell & Cordell and sister site have teamed up to present a series of monthly recap videos to keep you informed on the latest news and top stories.

Cordell & Cordell announced the launch of a new office in Columbia, S.C. The office is the firm’s second in South Carolina, with another location in Greenville, and the 10th new-office opening in 2017.

Dads Divorce added an article explaining how a shared parenting activist in Kentucky was instrumental in getting new shared parenting legislation passed in the state. Matt Hale was a tireless advocate for shared parenting at local Town Hall meetings, and his approach should provide a template for activists in other states to follow.

Men’s Divorce posted an article about a new study that refutes the theory that there is a link between in vitro fertilization and divorce. Past research seemed to show couples undergoing IVF increased their chances of eventually getting a divorce, but more recent research suggests they are no more likely to divorce than couples who aren’t receiving IVF.

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Cordell & Cordell Opens Office In Columbia, S.C., Cordell & Cordell

Kentucky Shared Parenting Law Shows Power Of Grassroots Activism, Dads Divorce

New Study Dispels Theory Linking IVF, Divorce, Men’s Divorce

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