Vacating Adoption In Cases Of Abuse

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Question: My children are adopted by my soon-to-be ex-wife and are afraid of her. She rarely has anything to do with them since she abandoned us last year and has been verbally and mentally abusive to all of us. Since she is not the biological mother, can we vacate the


Protecting Yourself From False Abuse Claims

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Question: My estranged wife is falsely alleging that I abused her. She wants to include the “abuse” in the divorce documents, but I have never hit her and there are no hospital or police records that would prove I’ve abused her. What can I do to protect myself?


You Say She Drinks Too Much? Prove It

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By Erik Carter Cordell & Cordell Divorce Attorney Many fathers will accuse mothers of excessive use of alcohol in the mistaken belief that a mother must prove that she doesn’t drink too much. In reality, every accusation must be supported by credible evidence. The person making the accusation has the


The Impact Of A DUI On Alimony

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Question: I pay alimony to my ex-wife, who recently was arrested for DUI. This has impacted her ability to work, and she has hinted she may seek an alimony modification so I would have to pay more. Could the outcome of her DUI have any impact upon the alimony that


A Parent’s Standing To Modify Child Custody

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Question: I have primary physical custody of my children, and even though my ex-wife now lives in Canada she is requesting a modification of custody. I do not feel my children should live with her in Canada for many reasons, including my fear for their safety around her abusive husband.


Can I Bring Perjury Charges Against My Ex?

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Question: My ex-wife had me arrested on domestic violence charges that proved to be false and she committed perjury regarding the matter when we were in court. I know perjury charges are rarely successful, but her blatant lies are ruining my life. What steps do I need to take and