Fighting False Allegations Of Abuse


Question: I am trying to get full custody of my children, but my wife is threatening me with false allegations of abuse and claiming she will get a restraining order against me if I do this. I’ve never hurt her so there would be no basis for these allegations, but


DadsDivorce Live: Helping Male Domestic Violence Victims

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Dr. Emily M. Douglas is an associate professor at Bridgewater State University and one of the few academics to study male domestic violence victims. As part of her research, Dr. Douglas worked on the Men’s Experiences with Partner Aggression Project. She has also examined men who have sought help after


DadsDivorce LIVE: Children’s Books About Divorce

children's books about divorce

Kimberly King is a child-development professional, certified early-childhood educator and speaker. King has authored a pair of children’s books that deal with two very serious matters that can be difficult for parents to approach their kids about. Her first book, “I Said No!” is a best-selling children’s book about sexual-abuse


How To Decide If Divorce Is The Answer

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Question: I am trying to decide if divorce is the right answer for me. My wife and I no longer communicate and we have no feelings for each other. My 9-year-old son is also starting to feel the emotional ramifications. Should I get a divorce?