A Better Alternative To Phone Calls With Your Children

phone calls children divorceBy Erik Carter

Cordell & Cordell Divorce Attorney

Face-to-face parenting time is what every non-custodial father wants with his children.  There is nothing like looking in your child’s eyes, seeing laughter and joy on his or her face, and hearing and seeing them laugh.

The best way to do this is actually spending time with your kids, being in the same room and physical space with them.

In the old days, this was the only option. Any contact you had with your kids in between these times was either a phone call or a letter.

But with today’s technology, you and your kids can have face-to-face time whenever you want.

You can download free or inexpensive software to your laptop or computer. If it doesn’t have a camera built in, they are easily obtained in the camera department, computer department, or even the toy department of your local store. In addition, most tablets and smart phones have cam-to-cam capability.

These types of calls have the usual problems associated with traditional phone calls. There’s the problem with scheduling them. There’s the problem with your ex distracting them before or during the calls.

But this new technology offers advantages that overcome these. Because it is visual, you can see what’s happening in background, to guard against anything distracting the kids.

Check with a local men’s divorce attorney licensed in your jurisdiction to see if you can record these calls, as a video often makes more of an impact in court than an audio recording. Your computer or cell phone, or the software, can make a history log of your attempts to call

Most parenting time schedules include a component for contact in between the parenting time periods. You should make sure that this section includes this face-to-face contact, in addition to the more traditional telephone calls and emails.

Minimal investment. Maximum return.


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    Skype is a great, free app that is readily available across most platforms (it only charges for calls made to a landline – free to smartphones/tablets/PCs). FaceTime is good too (if you both use Apple products). Just be careful of what else a camera might catch…(women, alcohol/drugs, etc).

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