Avoiding The Post-Divorce Health Traps

versatile health divorceBy The Versatile Health Guys

Divorce can be a devastating process, but you cannot allow it to hurt your health and wellness.

Too many people deal with pain in negative ways, such as drinking too much or getting away from exercise routines.

But even through all the pain and grief, you should implement the following wellness tips to help curb your depressed and overwhelmed state.

Stopping the fat phobia!

Your “fear of fat” could possibly be working against you, and could also be fueling your depression. Why is this?

Well, for starters, our current and incorrect low-fat mainstream advice, as stated by our many ‘health agencies,’ is way wrong! Fat has gotten a bad reputation and we’re trying to help change all that.

The Fat Story:

To make a very long story short, studies in the 1950’s, as performed by our “delightful government,” had put a very undesirable light on fat (saturated fat to be specific). People had become so caught-up in these so-called “health claims” that they totally forgot how imperative fat was (and still is) in achieving and maintaining optimal health. I know this sounds crazy, but it’s the honest truth.

The “Fat Story” is quite extensive and requires much more time to fully explain. For now, all we want you to know is that a few low-budget studies conducted way back are responsible for our current and detrimental “fat phobia.”

But let’s put saturated fat aside for a minute and take a look at something else: your wonderful omega 3 fatty acids! If you’re trying to cope with and/or deal with something as painful as a divorce, you better make sure your omega 3 fatty acids are in check!

Omega 3 Fatty Acids For Mental Strength:

So why omega 3 fatty acids? And what is this stuff anyway? Here are our omega 3 fatty acid facts:

  • They’re found in fish oil (like that of Krill and Cod).
  • Studies support that those who supplement with fish oil can truly cure their depression.
  • Fish oil is high in DHA and EPA – two fatty acids that are vital for mental and physical health.
  • DHA is a vital component of cell membrane and neurological health, which is pretty important considering that your body is composed of nearly 50-100 trillion cells!
  • Omega 3 fatty acids can influence one’s temperament and overall behavior.

So, do these facts sound important to you? With omega 3 fatty acids, there are other fats (saturated) that are also vital for mental well-being. Yes, I know it sounds crazy but consider the saturated fat factor.

Learn Proper Workouts:

Watch “Stepping Up Fitness”

The Saturated Factor:

The best possible source of saturated fat, outside of eating pasture-raised and organically prepared grass-fed meats, will come from a raw organic coconut. One thing that more people need to realize is how important saturated fat is for overall body performance as well.

Please understand that the many saturated fat claims are very controversial, yet, we’re totally convinced of the benefits associated with its use. We have found:

  • Saturated fat can improve cardiovascular health, not hurt it! Contact me for some insane studies if you really want some the “insider scoop.”
  • Saturated fat is good for liver health.
  • Saturated fat is great for the brain. The human brain is made mostly of saturated fat and cholesterol. If you cut it short (like a lot of people are doing today), your brain and body overall will pay the price. This can surely lead to depression, which is not good for those going through a divorce.
  • Saturated fat is necessary for optimal nerve function, which is something you don’t want to mess with! Nerve function and depressed feelings are tied in with each other on some crazy levels.

For the longest time, we have been brainwashed into thinking that “saturated fat causes heart disease” and is horrible for the body. No wonder so many people are depressed and on prescription meds today – many are lacking one of the many key ingredients to feeling better!

We’ve literally just touched the surface on this subject so if you have any further questions, feel free to hit us up! We literally have dozens more tips so don’t hesitate to ask us anything, we’re only here to help.

If you’ve been dealing with a divorce, please feel free to visit our website for more information as well as download our FREE eBooks and bonus video here in order to get your health and life in check.

We truly hope this breakup of yours is something you can overcome and conquer with ease. If you take what we have talked about today and start implementing these tips, you will feel a dramatic difference – science proves it to be true. So experiment with yourself and let us know how it went.

Stay up and stay healthy!

Joey and Chris (The Versatile Health guys)

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