When Can You File For A Motion Of Continuance?

motion for continuance Question:

Can I file for a motion of continuance to delay my case in time to find an attorney?


Please be advised that I am barred in Pennsylvania and will answer your question based on my experience in Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, a party may seek a continuance of a scheduled trial date for good cause. The form of the continuance request varies from county to county. In some counties, only a letter need be sent to the judge to request the continuance; in other counties, a specific form must be submitted or motion filed.

Philadelphia Divorce Attorney Jaimie Collins
Philadelphia Divorce Attorney Jaimie Collins

In all counties in this state, the request must indicate whether the opposing party is in agreement with the continuance request. Additionally, the reason for the continuance must be stated. The earlier the request is submitted, the more likely the court is to submit the same as, in general, last-minute continuances are not granted.

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