Can My Divorce Lawyer Choose To Stop Representing Me?

mens divorce lawyerBy Laura D. Langenburg

Cordell & Cordell Divorce Lawyer

The attorney-client relationship is unique and extremely important in your divorce case.

Your communications with your divorce attorney are confidential and allow you to discuss any aspect of your case without fear of judgment and/or embarrassment.

In order to effectively represent a client, the lines of communication must be open so that the attorney is aware of all of the issues that are facing the client.

There are times, though, where the relationship goes sour for whatever reason.

However, an attorney cannot drop a client in the middle of a case if there is no reason. But there are several reasons why an attorney may stop representation of a client.

These reasons include nonpayment for services, where the client has used the attorney’s services to perpetrate a crime, or the client continues on a course of action that the attorney feels is fraudulent or repugnant.

There are other situations where an attorney must withdraw, where the attorney is physically and/or mentally unable to continue the representation, where the attorney has been discharged by the client, or where the representation may violate the rules of professional conduct.

In order to stop representing a client in a particular matter, there typically has to be an order from the court releasing the attorney from the case. This could be an order entered prior to a judgment, after a judgment is entered, or the judgment itself may release the attorney from representing his/her client.

The attorney may also request that the client (and opposing party) agree to release the attorney from a matter by stipulating to an order releasing the attorney from this representation.

However, if the client or opposing party does not agree, this does not prevent the attorney from withdrawing from representation. If there is no consent, the attorney will have to file a motion/petition with the court requesting an order to be released from the case.

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