Can my wife get the actual content of my text messages?

Question:Cordell & Cordell attorney Andrea Miller

I’m having an affair, which is the cause of our divorce. Can my wife get the deleted text messages or pictures sent from my phone?

I know she can get the number I was texting, but can she get the actual content of what was written?



The divorce advice for my answer to your question is that it depends. If your wife was listed on the account then she can get access to the phone records and see the phone number you texted.

In regard to the content of the deleted text messages or pictures, that depends on each phone company. Most of the phone companies only keep the phone number but I would call your phone company to see what their policy is.

Also, there is the possibility that some of the messages can be recovered off of your SIM card, by using recovery software. It depends on a number of factors if this can be done.

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Andrea Miller is a Staff Attorney in the Charlotte, N.C., office of Cordell & Cordell where she practices domestic relations exclusively. Ms. Miller is licensed in the state of North Carolina. Ms. Miller received her undergraduate degree in History and her Juris Doctor from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  While in law school, she on the Client Counseling Team for Moot Court and became a board member. Ms. Miller also participated in UNC’s Legal Assistance Clinic whereby she helped represent indigent clients obtain legal counsel primarily in the area of domestic relations.

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    subpeona for phone, text and personal email
    Why would email, phone records and text messages be subpoenad by my wife (we are going through a divorce) if I have admitted the affair? What is the purpose? Can these be obtained?

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