Refusing Visitation Until Child’s Behavior Improves

Utah divorce lawyerQuestion:

Per my temporary child custody agreement, my 10-year-old daughter is supposed to spend weekends with me for my parenting time while our divorce is ongoing.

Lately, she has been refusing visitation for the whole weekend and only comes over for one night because I run a stricter household with more rules.

I told her until her behavior improves and she apologizes to me that she will not be coming over to my house during my parenting time.

I want to know if this will hurt my child custody case if she is refusing to exercise her full visitation time with me and I have told her she can’t come over until she apologizes?


I am only licensed to practice law in Utah, thus I can only provide you with some general divorce help for men regarding the child custody laws you present in your question.

The 10-year-old is not old enough to make decisions on her own. You need to make her come during your scheduled parenting time.

The court simply wants to know how many overnights the children spend with each party. Although that is not the only factor, it is an important one.

If you forgo having overnights with your child, you will hurt your child custody case.

Child Custody Laws:

Will I Get Custody?

Again, I am unable to provide you with advice on divorce and this should not be construed as an attorney-client relationship. Consult with a local mens divorce attorney for specific divorce advice about child support laws in your jurisdiction.

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