Child Support Laws: Wording Of Age Of Emancipation Clause

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In the draft of my divorce decree under “Child Support” it states that I’m ordered to pay my ex-wife child support until my children: graduate from high school, marry, enter the armed forces, pass away, or disabilities are otherwise removed.

It then states thereafter I am to pay my ex child support for indemnity. I’m not sure what this means. Please advise on child support laws.


This answer only includes general divorce help for men since I am only licensed to practice in Oklahoma and am thus unable to provide any legal advice on divorce on the child support laws in other states.

Unfortunately, without having the divorce decree to review, I can only say that the language that you have indicated is in the decree is confusing, at best. Without knowing the facts of your case, I do not know why you would be indemnifying child support or for what purpose there is an indemnification.

Based on what you have presented, it is my impression that regardless of the indemnification language, the child support shall terminate upon the child triggering the end of child support (turn 18 years old, marry, etc.).

Age Of Emancipation:

When Does Child Support End?

Depending on your state and the laws of that state, child support may not be terminated until the court makes a finding that child support should be terminated and orders the termination of child support. This will require you to file a Motion to Modify when the child is no longer a minor.

Please understand that my opinions are based upon the limited facts that you provided to me. For financial advice on divorce, I urge you to contact a family law attorney.

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