DadsDivorce Live: A Dad’s Fight To Bring His Child Home

George Petroutsas is involved in an international child custody battle to have his son, Andoni, returned to him from the child’s mother who is holding him in Greece.

A judge awarded full custody to George but allowed George’s ex-wife to have the child visit her in Greece for a final visit. Now, the mother is refusing to return Andoni to George per the court order and an international custody dispute is underway.

George talked with editor Matt Allen about the emotions involved in going through this tragic ordeal and how people can help by visiting the website

Listen to the full audio version of the interview, which described in greater detail the background of George’s case.

Also, listen to the interview with George’s attorney Athena Roussos discussing the legal issues involved in international custody battles.

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2 comments on “DadsDivorce Live: A Dad’s Fight To Bring His Child Home

    Touching Story
    It is difficult for anyone to hear something like this has happened. As parents, we all think this would never happen. But in a divorce, we have to protect our children.

    Great Job!
    You both did a fantastic job providing information on such a difficult case. Im wishing George and all of the other left behind parents the best of luck in 2011 and may you be reunited with your children soon!

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