DadsDivorce Live: A Father’s Fight To Stop His Child’s Adoption

Christopher Emanuel faced every unmarried father’s worst fear when he nearly lost his daughter to the adoption system despite his wishes. Fortunately, Emanuel was able to regain custody because he registered with South Carolina’s putative-father registry.

Thirty-three states have a putative-father registry, which enables a man to declare himself as the father before his baby is born. Unfortunately, there is very little public awareness about these registries, and if a father fails to sign up, he risks forfeiting his parental rights.

Emanuel, whose plight was recently featured in The Atlantic, joined DadsDivorce Live to share his story and detail the uphill battle many unmarried fathers face when they want to remain involved in their child’s life.

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    If I was charged for domestic assault simply because my wife went to the local police department and drew out a warrant on me with no physical evidence of harm to her and she said there was none..she said that she was in fear of her life and needed a protection order with no history of this in our marriage how come I was charged but I am the one who has visible marks on my face and the law agreed but she got warrant first so there hand were tied

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