DadsDivorce LIVE: Child Support In Indiana

The flaws of the modern child-support system have been covered extensively on Now, many of those shortcomings have come to light in Indiana thanks to a series produced by WRTV-Indianapolis investigative reporter Kara Kenney.

Ms. Kenney recently produced a series of stories examining the child-support system in Indiana. Initially, the series focused on deadbeat dads failing to make payments, but Ms. Kenney soon heard from numerous well-intentioned parents, including veterans, who were sincerely trying to make their payments but struggling to do so. The child-support system is notoriously cruel to honest parents who are simply down on their luck financially.

Ms. Kenney’s series has created a decent buzz in the state and the child support system is currently under review by the Domestic Relations Committee of the Judicial Conference of Indiana.

Ms. Kenney joined DadsDivorce LIVE to discuss the progress of her story, what she learned about Indiana’s child-support system, and the feedback the series received.

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View WRTV’s series on child support in Indiana. 

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    These child support should be looked at seriously! The state of Tennessee, is one of the most corrupted and missed use of proper child support. The attorneys feed on it and the judges wipe their hands clean. There is nothing fair.

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