DadsDivorce Live: Craig Schelske’s Fight For Parenting Time With Sara Evans

Craig Schelske Sara Evans divorceCraig Schelske has been fighting to have increased parenting time with his children with his ex-wife, country music star and “Dancing With The Stars” contestant Sara Evans.

This contentious divorce and child custody battle has all taken place in the public eye and even recently resulted in Evans’ attorney settling a slander lawsuit Schelske had filed against him and issuing a letter of apology to Schelske for his actions in this case.

Unfortunately, Schelske has become what every dad going through divorce fears, an “every other weekend” visitation dad marginalized by the family court system.

He talked with editor Matt Allen about his divorce being played out in the media, parental alienation, and the injustices he encountered as a father fighting for custody in a biased family law system.

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2 comments on “DadsDivorce Live: Craig Schelske’s Fight For Parenting Time With Sara Evans

    4mygrl, maybe you should trying reading the above article before you slander someone. Those were just allegations that his ex-wife Sara Evans and her divorce attorney made about him. They were proven untrue in a court of law. Sara’s divorce attorney was sued for 10 million because he lied. He was also forced to pay Craig a settlement and give a public apology.

    Wasn;t this guy caught sending photos of his genitals to other women while married? Not a sympathetic figure at all.

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