Divorce Tips For Men: Moving On

divorce transition adviceBy Matt Allen

Editor, DadsDivorce.com

Thanks to the knowledgeable attorneys of Cordell & Cordell, DadsDivorce.com is filled with divorce tips for men on how to protect their rights in a family law courtroom.

But the legal outcome of your case isn’t the only divorce help for men we provide; there are also many divorce resources available to help you cope with the emotional devastation of this life-changing event.

Feeling unprepared for life’s curve balls, such as divorce, is overwhelming and can lead to depression and stress.

So read these divorce articles to help you ease the divorce transition.


5 Tips To Help Children With Divorce

Divorce can be very traumatic for children and if parents are not cooperative, matters can only become worse. Here are five tips that can help ease the stress and anxiety that your children may experience.


8 Tips For Communicating With Your Ex

If you and your ex-spouse had trouble communicating while you were together, how are you supposed to communicate now that you are divorcing?

Learn the eight pointers to keeping communication with your ex-spouse civilized.


3 Tips To Ease The Divorce Transition

Divorce can uproot everything we know, evoke major fears and leave us feeling unsure of ourselves. Divorce can feel like walking around blindly in a pitch-black room, unsure about the next step, leaving us feeling de-centered, frightened, and alone.

Here are 3 few tips that will help you get through your divorce transition.


Top 10 Ways To Relieve Stress

Stress can completely overwhelm the human spirit and deprive the soul of fully living life’s potential, and divorce is one of the most stressful times you will go through.

Learn 10 stress busters to ensure you stay on level ground.


5 Easy Tips To Live A Happier Life

It is easy to continuously live in the past or look to the future for possibilities but in all reality we should be looking at living in the moment to find happiness.

Read five tips to living a happier life.

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