Divorced Dads Guide: Mom’s Got A Boyfriend

divorced dads guideMoving on post-divorce is a difficult task, but it is especially painful on your children.

The grief can be exacerbated when a parent begins dating. The second video in “The Divorced Dads Guide” series focuses on how to deal with your ex-wife’s new boyfriend and addressing this change in lifestyle with your children.

“The Divorced Dads Guide” is a collaboration between DadsDivorce.com and SingleDad.com featuring helpful parenting tips for divorced dads facing the unique challenges presented to them post-divorce.

The first video dealt with handling child custody exchanges and a future video will discuss parenting time over the holidays.

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4 comments on “Divorced Dads Guide: Mom’s Got A Boyfriend

    I just saw this as I am now going through divorce and mom has new boyfriend who i have to hear about. I really hope and pray that it worked out as I have the same fear with my Bella.

    I hope you get this and you can email directly for more privacy. Concerned dad

    I will cut this fool
    Probably great advice. I feel like i should really be taking it. But i’m going to cut this dude like a fish if he so much as breathes the same air as my kid.

    Huge fan
    Thank God I found this website! I have been trying to deal with my divorce and the acceptance of my ex-wife’s departure from my life for three years. This 2 minutes segment did more for me than 3 years of therapy! No joke.

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